National Association for the Conservation of Nature, non-governmental environmental organization, independent and non-profit founded in 1985.

Its general objectives are:

  • Investigate, protect and facilitate knowledge about the biophysical heritage, defense and promotion of the conservation of natural and cultural values.
  • Encourage and promote civic, scientific and environmental education activities.
  • The elaboration of scientific, technical, pedagogical and didactic studies that contribute to a better knowledge and defense of nature and its cultural heritage.
  • Alert and support citizens in technical, scientific and legal terms in relation to environmental dysfunctions.

His work covers the whole country. They cover related topics in Portugal as their organizational structure is based on regional groups and allows a more regional or local approach, whenever necessary, as well as intervention at the level.

Quercus is the owner of almost 600 hectares of land where they can host visitors and researchers, for ecotourism, conservation activities, etc. (in Rosmaninhal and in Monte Barata). A part, many other activities with schools (3 educational environmental centers are managed by Quercus) and three rehabilitation centers for wildlife.

Quercus has a constant presence in the media to contribute in the taking and creation of political and economic processes. Their interventions include:

  • Conservation of nature: forests, agriculture and hunting.
  • Quality air, transport and mobility, energy, climate change.
  • Urban problems (territorial planning).
  • Water quality, dam construction, water management.
  • Transgenic.
  • Waste and others.

According to studies carried out in Portugal, Quercus is the environmental NGO best known to the Portuguese population, being the main environmental organization in Portugal.