Fundación entretantos is a non-profit organization created by a cluster of professionals and entrepreneurs who share a common background and know-how in subjects related to environmental management, participation, communication and education. All of us are deeply interested in participation as a powerful and essential tool to improve land management and attain sustainability.

Entretantos is committed to continue exploring, investigating and developing participatory tools and is decided to become a methodological, technical and quality reference centre in these subjects. Consistently, we will develop a range of training and on ground projects and are devoted to improve not only the quality of participative processes but also the working conditions of the professionals that develop these activities.

Entretantos leads projects and activities focused on boosting social participation as an useful tool for policy making on sustainability, land management and rural development. We also promote mediation-oriented processes to face conflicts related to these topics. Finally, the foundation designs and implements participatory-based processes including stakeholders and citizens in innovative land management and nature conservation schemes.