Fundación entretantos is a non-profit organization created by a group of companies and professionals who share interests, concerns and experience in the fields of the environment, participation, communication and environmental education. The entretantos patronage is deeply involved in promoting participation as an essential instrument to improve territorial management and achieve sustainability.


Fundación entretantos is committed to the exploration, research and development of innovative projects, new methodologies, work tools and participatory process development models, in which quality is a key element. Coherently with this, training and communication will be essential axes of our work, in order to extend the importance of these tools and the need to work together to improve the way in which we collectively manage the territory and relate to the environment .


The activities carried out by the foundation are directed, in general, to promote social participation as a tool in the definition of policies, plans and programs in socio-environmental and sustainable development, to promote a model for the treatment of social and environmental conflicts based on in the participation of citizens and the different agents involved and encourage innovative models of management and conservation of the territory, among others.