The first of the courses on Extensive Livestock Farming and Climate Change (LiveAdapt project) was attended by livestock farmers and professionals from the veterinary, environmental and institutional sectors, as well as University students and other livestock-related stakeholders.   

In order to promote collaboration and the exchange of knowledge within a more connected professional ecosystem, the participants have been included in a map that will allow both their geolocation and access to basic information about their projects, initiatives, proposals and interests. With this, we have managed to weave a network of information exchange that will serve as a model for improving extensive livestock farming, introducing key factors such as its adaptation to climate change.

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Course 1 ends next Monday 14th June with a virtual seminar, in which course participants will exchange their proposals for the adaptation of their farms or their territories to climate change, thus applying the knowledge acquired over the last 7 weeks, in which the course has been developed. 
Likewise, next Tuesday 15th June, the second of the courses in this project will begin, which will focus on the adaptive management of livestock farms in the face of climate change. It consists of 6 content units that will covering the following topics: 

  1. Extensive livestock farms and adaptation to climate change
  2. Pasture management in relation to climate change
  3. Animal management in relation to climate change
  4. Water management in adapting to climate change
  5. Sustainable farm management 
  6. Key socio-economic aspects of farm management